Bringing It All Back Home



When you hear a certain song, where does it take you? What is the secret that connects music to our lives? Heart warming, moving and laugh out loud funny, Bringing It All Back Home is the truest book you will ever read about music and the things that really matter

Author Ian Clayton listens to music as a kid to escape and as an adult to connect. In Bringing It All Back Home he has created a book about love, friendship, family and loss – about life and living it. While searching for a soundtrack to his own life story, he has discovered the heart that beats inside us all.

New edition includes new chapter + photos.

‘Ian Clayton has created one of the best books about popular music ever written.’ – Alan Lewis, Record Collector

‘Unexpectedly beautiful. Sheer sincerity.’ – Andy Miller, Daily Telegraph

‘The writing is deceptively good, no long words, no self-conscious writing-as-wriitng of the kind that wins Booker prizes, but all the better for that. Very strongly recommended.’ – Charlie Gillett, The Sound of the World

‘The literary equivalent of a great evening in the pub.’ – Songlines.

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ISBN: 978-1901927771
Extent: 288 pages