Project Books

Ian has been gathering stories and making books with them for over 30 years. Here’s a small selection that represent the different scales and styles of books he’s worked on. Some books might involve a year of work and be printed in runs of tens of thousands, others generated in just a couple of hours and printed in handfuls.



Walk the Talk: Memories from a Shop Floor (2012)
Stories gathered at a Learning Centre at a busy DHL distribution centre in Castleford, a snapshot of life at the physical end of internet fulfillment. There are stories here about growing up, seeking education, moving to find work and thwarted ambition. This book was initiated by Usdaw and 1000 copies were sent out in the stead of a corporate Christmas card by the distribution centre.



Stories from a World of Music (2011)
Here are stories from over one hundred people who travelled to the Musicport Festival in 2011; the audience, the backstage crew, the caterers, the volunteers and the musicians, including Hugh Masekela, Mary Coughlan, Iain Matthews, Mari Boine and World Music journeyman Andy Kershaw. A kaleidoscope of shifting patterns, the book captures the tales told over three days at one of Europe’s best loved gatherings for World Music.
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St. George’s Crypt. Entertaining Angels (2002)
Stories by people connected with St George’s Crypt in Leeds, West Yorkshire, from 1930 to the present. Insights into the life and characters of St George’s Crypt and inner city social history with photographs. The charity, St George’s Crypt, is a centre for vulnerable people including some homeless and runs 2 hostels for men with alcohol problems.



Merging on the Ridiculous (1995)
Rugby league fans response to the proposed mergers of their local clubs into regional super-clubs at the onset of Super League. The stories were gathered in the two weeks that followed the merger announcements and became the centerpiece of a campaign to call off the mergers and preserve the heritage of individual clubs. The proposals were abandoned shortly afterwards. See a TV news item about the campaign here.


When-Push-Comes-To-Shove-240  When-Push-Comes-To-Shove-II-240

When Push Comes To Shove Volumes I&II (1993, 1995)
Two volumes of stories that celebrate the connection between rugby league and the community, accompanied by a stunning collection of photographs. With stories and anecdotes from all aspects of the game, these books captured the spirit of the sport just before the advent of Super League. Both books topped the Observer Sport Books bestsellers charts in the year of release.



Sheffield on Wheels: Trams, Jams and Charabancs (1994)
A history of public transport in Sheffield as told through people’s stories and archive photos.



On a clear day you can see Barnsley Town Hall (1990)
A book of stories on the environment, as told by the people of Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire.



Running For Clocks and Dessert Spoons (1988)
Stories in celebration of pastimes and amateur sports.