I Was There

I Was ThereOne day Ian happened to mention to a young researcher at Yorkshire Television called Stuart Ramsey that his mother had seen Cliff Richard and the Shadows at the Crescent Cinema in Pontefract. Stuart hadn’t realised that before the days of video and bands playing stadium gigs they actually came to see you. And that there were people in small towns the length and breadth of Britain who had stories to tell about bands who later became world famous. Within weeks Stuart had found people who told stories about Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Louis Armstrong, The Who, the Sex Pistols and the time when The Beatles were regular visitors to Doncaster. This led to a series of programmes called I Was There. Click the links below to see the segments.

Louis Armstrong At Batley Variety Club
An account of the time when Louis Armstrong played Batley Variety Club in 1968. With contributions from eye witnesses and the main protagonists of the time, including from Batley Variety Club impresario, James Corrigan.

The Sex Pistols at Ivanhoe’s
The Sex Pistols played Ivanhoe’s in Huddersfield on Christmas Day, 1977. The focus of the film is not so much the gig that night, but the jelly and ice cream party in the afternoon put on in aid of striking firemen’s children.